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by John I. Yam, M.D.    ::   Monday, July 13, 2015

IMMUNIZATIONS FOR CHILDREN The following immunization schedule used in our practice is in compliance with the official 2015 CDC recommendations for infants and children. Minor variations among pediatricians are not unusual. Birth HBV 2 months HBV, DTaP, IPV, HIB, Prevnar13, Rotarix (Pediarix contains HBV, DTaP, IPV) 4 months DTaP, IPV, HIB, Prevnar13, Rotarix 6 months HBV, DTaP, IPV (may be given at 6-18 months), HIB, Prevnar13 9 months - 12 months Varivax, HAV 15 months MMR, HIB, Prevnar13 18 months DTaP, IPV may be given at 6 -18 months 24 months HAV 4 years DTaP, IPV 5 years MMR, Varivax 11 years Menactra, Tdap, HPV series (for both girls and boys) 16 years Menactra PPD (TB skin test) done periodically depending on risk factors Influenza Vaccine - for age 6 months to 18 years during flu season HBV - Hepatitis B vaccine Prevnar13 - Conjugated Pneumococcal Vaccine DTaP - Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis Rotarix - Rotovirus vaccine IPV - Injectable polio vaccine Varivax - Chickenpox vaccine HIB - Hemophilus Influenzae Type B Vaccine Menactra - Meningitis vaccine HAV - Hepatitis A Vaccine HPV - Human papilloma virus John I. Yam, M.D., FAAP Garrett P. Yam, M.D. Diplomates, American Board of Pediatrics

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